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Week #1 offers:

4-5 year olds: Under the Sea

6-8 year olds: American Girl, Sports Unlimited, or Survival/Wilderness

9-11 year olds: American Girl, Baking, Sports Unlimited, or Survival/Wilderness

12-14 year olds: American Girl, Baking, Sports Unlimited, or Survival/Wilderness

Week #2 offers:

4-5 year olds: Safari Adventure

6-8 year olds: DIY Arts & Crafts, Field Games, or Lego Creation

9-11 year olds: Baking, DIY Arts & Crafts, Field Games, or Lego Creation

12-14 year olds: Baking, DIY Arts & Crafts, or Field Games

Week #3 offers:

4-5 year olds: Disney

6-8 year olds: Disney, Mad Science, or Unlimited Sports

9-11 year olds: Baking, Mad Science, Strategy Games, or Unlimited Sports

12-14 year olds: Baking, Mad Science, Strategy Games, or Unlimited Sports

Desriptions of each camp: ( If you have any futher questions email )

Under the Sea Camp: Dive into the sea with this fun ocean themed camp! Throughout the week, kids will do several fun ocean related crafts and activies: including making different sea animals, decording their own aquariam, and much more!

American Girl Doll Camp: This camp is perfect for doll loving kids! We will highlight different dolls and different themes/eras with lots of fun activities. Each day will be filled with crafts, games, spa services for the dolls, dance parties, and much more! (Having a doll is not necessary to take this camp. Kids are more than welcome to bring their doll/dolls; however there will be dolls provided at the camp for those who do not have them)!

Sports Unlimited Camp: GOAL!! At Unlimited Sports Camp, campers will participate in a range of different activities and sports. From learning the basics of sports to playing active games in a team based enviroment. Many sports will be covered in this section, including soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and more! (Equipment will be provided for each camper, although kids are welcome to bring their own if wanted)!

Baking Camp: Yummy... in this camp, your young baker will have fun making treats, while also learning fundimental skills about baking and working in a kitchen. Each week will focus on a different type of baking, such as cupcake making & decorating, easy DIY desserts, and much more! (Since each week of baking camp is different, campers may take this camp for more than one week if wanted)!

Survival/Wilderness Camp: This camp is for those who have a great sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors. Campers will learn and apply practical outdoor skills and survival tactics while exploring the outdoors; along with fun wilderness related crafts and acivites.

Safari Adventure Camp: Explore the sarari with this camp! Campers will spend the week learning different safari animals and doing an erganment of different safari related crafts and activies.

Field Games Camp: There is nothing better than a good ole game of tug-of-war or water ballon toss. In this camp, Kids will play tons of super fun field day type games, along with making new friends and learning teamwork and leadership skills.

Mad Science Camp: This camp gives campers the opportunity to learn about science through our interactive and hands-on science activities. Our camp allow kids to become junior scientists for the week and embark on fun scientifical experiments; such as discovering cool chemical reactions!

Strategy Games Camp: This camp is an innovative and fun way to teach the campers the logic and strategy of games. We use a variety of games (board games, original games, puzzle and tile games etc.) to introduce the camper to concepts such as; probability, game theory, pattern recognition and creative thinking.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Arts & Crafts Camp: This camp will get the creative juices of the campers flowing, and boy do they flow! Campers come up with new, innovative ideas each day. Campers will work with a number of different resources and materials. Anything from paper, yarn, paint and beads; etc... our campers can create a masterpiece out of anything.

Disney Camp: Has your kid ever dreamed to be a disney princess or roalty? or maybe a dazzeling prince? scary monster? Superhero? any disney character? Where here is their chance. This camp, will incompass many disney character and storyline activies and crafts. This includes playing fun disney related games, and creating disney crafts.

Lego Creation Camp: Time to build! Up your imagination with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build anything your heart desires such as Motorcycles, Castles, Airplanes, houses, and much more.